A Beginners Guide to Applying GRO Gel Xpress (Builder Gel) on Natural Nails

A Beginners Guide to Applying GRO Gel Xpress (Builder Gel) on Natural Nails

Tools & Materials Needed

  • Primer
  • GRO Gel Xpress of choice
  • Nail File (150 or 180 grit recommended)
  • UV/LED Nail Lamp (min 48W)
  • Cuticle Tools (pusher, knife, nippers/scissors)
  • IPA or Acetone

Preparing the Nails (Prep)

  • Ensure nails are clean
  • Using your cuticle pusher carefully push back the cuticles
  • Now use your cuticle knife to remove excess cuticle from the side walls
  • Remove the pushed back cuticle with your cuticle nippers or scissors
  • Thoroughly etch the entire nail plate with your 150 or 180 grit nail file

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying GRO Gel Xpress (Builder Gel)

  • Choose between an acid or acid-free primer. The acid-based primer is stronger and recommended for clients prone to lifting - apply your chosen primer to each nail
  • Apply a thin layer of Gro Xpress onto each nail and cure it under your UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds
  • Once the Gro Xpress is cured on each finger, apply another thin layer known as a "slip layer" This layer helps the product glide onto the nail easily – NOTE: Leave this layer uncured
  • After applying the slip layer to one nail, start building up the product by moving your brush in a circular motion from left to right
  • Flash cure the nail for 10 seconds to prevent the product from running while working on the other nails. Repeat steps 4-6 for every nail
  • If necessary, use IPA or Acetone to remove the sticky layer and refine the free edge and sidewalls with your 150 or 180 grit nail file
  • Then, apply another thin layer of GRO X and cure it for 30 seconds

You now have the choice to apply a gel polish in your chosen colour or finish the service with No-Wipe Top Coat

How To Apply No-Wipe Top Coat & Why?

  • Apply our no-wipe top coat as you would a gel polish - Our top coats require a 60-second cure time under our UV/LED lamp. No-Wipe Top Coat will not leave a tacky layer when cured
  • Top Coat is an invaluable step to your nail service. It seals the product underneath whilst preventing chipping and ensuring a high-shine finish

Tips for Maintaining Your Nails

  • Our GRO Xpress formula creates the perfect environment underneath for your natural nail to strive, improving overall nail health
  • Regularly use cuticle oil to moisturise the nail and surrounding skin to avoid dehydration of the nail plate which can result in lifting
Do not use your nails as tools and avoid harsh cleaning chemicals where possible. If that is not possible due to your type of work, always wear gloves when your hands are likely to encounter these chemicals