Artistic Gel Paint

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Are you a professional nail artist in search of nail polish that can tackle intricate designs? Look no further, our artistic gel paint is just the thing you need.

When creating nail art for clients or your own nails, you will find that traditional nail polish can’t create the look you want. Artistic gel paint allows you to let your creativity soar, achieving even the smallest and most complex designs with ease.

Its thicker consistency and enhanced durability mean that a little goes a long way, minimising waste and frequent re-stocking.

We have a beautiful range of colours available, from vibrant greens and blues to glittery silvers and golds. There is something for everyone and every occasion.

Better yet, this gel paint can be applied over an acrylic or gel enhancement for a bolder, show-stopping look. Your clients will be left in awe at the finished product.

Upgrade your gel polish collection with us today for a higher-quality service.

Lucky Dip 5 Gel Paints
Lucky Dip 5 Gel Paints
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