Nail Art Brushes

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No nail technician kit is complete without nail art brushes. Allow Dali Artistic to upgrade your nail kit with our high-quality brushes, perfect for intricate designs.

Our brushes are designed with stunning, durable materials and soft, sturdy bristles for a sharp and clean finish.

Our technical nail art brush set includes 10 brushes, including every brush you need to take your nail art from pretty and simplistic to maximalist and eye-catching creations. 

Whether you need to design an intricate look or a simple nail art design, these brushes can tackle it all. With a compact case and small, easy-to-hold handles, this beautiful kit will accompany you through many nail appointments.  

You can place your trust in us to deliver amazing products at great prices to enhance your capability and performance as a nail tech. Browse our range of products today and invest in your creative endeavours.

Technical Nail Art Brush Set
Technical Nail Art Brush Set